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The McMillan ALIAS CS5 is designed for stealth and concealment in urban settings . With the buttstock and suppressor detached, the CS5 is only 23 .5″ in overall length . It stuffs neatly into backpacks and other inconspicuous carriers, yet it delivers the stopping authority of a .308 projectile . The bolt action ALIAS CS5 ™ is a precision tactical rifle offering sub-MOA accuracy with both subsonic or full power .308 Winchester ammunition . It is a dual purpose firearm serving subsonic as well as traditional sniper rifle roles . The ALIAS CS5™ is highly ergonomic . The infinitely adjustable buttstock fits any operator, regardless of height, build, bulk of clothing, or shooting position. Index marks allow repeatable stock adjustments and an Anschutz match trigger adjusts for weight and length of pull . With the threaded muzzle brake and suppressor in place, recoil is minimal and quick follow up shots are easy. The ALIAS CS5™®is sold in suppressed configuration for military and law enforcement applications, but can be purchased by civilians in accordance with NFA rules.

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