Mares has always paid special attention and devotes itself to ergonomic design. The material used is highly shock resistant elastomer to protect the gauge's accuracy, and affords a secure grip in every situation with any type of glove. The Compact Pressure Gauge has a florescent dial for easy reading in day or night diving situations. Face of pressure gauge is color coded for safe air reserve in a glance.

  • Pressure Gauge Features:
  • 0 to 5,000 psi read out
  • Low Air 500 psi red indicator for safety
  • 360° swivel 36″ (90 cm) HP hose with 7/16″ UNF thread
  • Depth Gauge Features:
  • 0′ to 230′ read out
  • Safety/deco stop 0′ to 30′ indicator for safety
  • Max-depth indicator
  • Console Features:
  • New modular design
  • New display for easiest readability
  • Equipped with fluorescent dials, to increase legibility
  • Case Material: shock-resistant elastomer
  • Small and compact profile
  • Clip or lanyard attachment point
Model Item Number
Mission 2 Depth/SPG 2 Gauge Console 414418





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