M2DCON – CBR Multi-Purpose Wipes™

M2DCON The CBR Multi-Purpose Wipes™ (CBR-MPW) is a commercial equivalent to the US DoD Joint Service Equipment Wipe (JSEW/M334). The CBR-MPW are for immediate and operational decontamination of chemical and biological contamination. The CBR-MPW are available in two configurations (kits and singles) containing the individually packaged wetted wipe.

The kit configuration has five wipe packets sealed inside an overpack pouch. The CBR-MPW Kit is configured to be easily carried in a uniform pocket or placed in an emergency response bag.

The box configuration is sold in carton of 500 single wipe packets. The CBR- MPW carton of singles allow ease of use in the field by teams and can be stored in vehicles (ambulances, police cars, etc.) or used in mass response situations.

Use CBR-MPW for immediate and operational decontamination of hard surfaces, military and first responder equipment. The wipe with a unique chemistry has been extensively tested by the US Department of Defense and demonstrated to neutralize against chemical (nerve, blister and other agents of concern) and biological (bacteria, viruses and spores) contamination. The chemistry used on the CBR-MPW is skin safe and can be used for personal hygiene.

Compare to JSEW/M334 CeBeR™ Multi-Purpose Wipe.

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