Genasys – LRAD 500X-RE


Powered by LRAD’s XL Driver Technology for Greater Area Coverage.  The LRAD DS-60XL incorporates LRAD’s award-winning, highly intelligible voice clarity in a smaller form factor for remotely operated public address and life safety communications.Powered by LRAD’s proprietary XL driver technology, the LRAD DS-60XL has a 60° 900-meter range and the same form factor as the LRAD DS-60X. When configured in a 360° ring array, the broadcast coverage area extends to 2.5 sq. kilometers. LRAD DS-60XL horn systems provide area customizable communication solutions with 60° – 360° broadcast directionality.

  • Rugged, all weather enclosure for permanent outdoor installation
  • Galvanized steel mount with elevation adjustment
  • Optional all-weather electronics cabinet with integrated MP3 player, microphone and network streamer
  • Mass notification and P.A. in one system
  • Available with 70 or 100V transformers for use with P.A. amplifiers (not included)
  • Audio output quickly and easily modulated
  • Unparalleled vocal clarity and intelligibility
  • Safely alert and communicate potentially lifesaving directions during emergency situations
Model Item #
LRAD 500X-RE Gray LRAD-500X-RE-G
LRAD-500X, Remote Electronics, Gray System w/ SS Connectors LRAD-500X-G/SS-SYS
LRAD-500X, Remote Electronics, Gray, LENCO LRAD-500X-RE-G-LENCO
LRAD-300X/500X RE LENCO Wiring Kit BCWIRE 218
LRAD500 X Mount, for Gunner Protection Kit, (Gray or Tan) LRAD-500X-MNT-GPK-T
Extension, Train Lock, MK16 MOD 8, Grey 110028-02
Mount, Receiver, 2″, Mobile LRAD-MNT-REC-2
Assembly, Mounting, Ship/Vehicle Rail, SS LRAD-MNT-SHIP-SS
BearCat Mount, Adapter, LRAD w/Hardware, Lenco 107955-00
Tripod, Heavy Duty LRAD-TRIPD-HVY
Packaging, Case, Hard, LRAD-500X LRAD-500X-CASE-HRD
Scram Cart, LRAD-500X, 28VDC, Gray, Remote Electronics LRAD-CART-SCRAM-DC-RE
Catalog, Maxabeam Kit, LRAD-500X, Universal, (Gray or Tan) MAXABEAM-500X- (G or T)
Maxabeam Mounting Kit, No Light, LRAD 500X, Gray or Tan) LRAD-LT-MNT-500X-T
Module, IP Streaming, LRAD-X, VoIP Remote Control LRAD-STREAMER
Power Pack, W/Charger, 24VDC, 21AH PWR-PACK-24VDC-21AH
Power Supply Module, 100-220VAC TO 28VDC, LRAD 500X, (Gray or Tan) LRAD-500X-AC-SPLY- (G or T)
Spares Kit, LRAD 500X, Remote Electronics, Gray LRAD-SPARES-500X-RE- (G or T)
Extended Warranty (Per Year) LRAD-WARRANTY-EXT
Training (Per Day) Plus Expenses LRAD-TRNG




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