London Bridge Trading (LBT) – HIGH GEAR™ KIT

London Bridge Trading (LBT)

The London Bridge Trading Company HIGH GEAR™ Impact Reduction suit is state-of-the-art, force-on-force scenario equipment designed to help create the most realistic training experience. Custom athletic design ensures snug fit for maximum range of motion and protection. The complete suit contains 8 components. HIGH GEAR™ is perfect for all aspects of DT & combatives, like subject control and detainee handling to CQB. Our gear can also be used for MMA, grappling and the striking arts.

  • Engineered to dissipate impact while transmitting force to the wearer
  • Allows the user to experience realistic biofeedback when contact is made
  • Complete suit weighs 9 – 11 lbs depending on size (half the weight of other training suits)
  • Unparalleled range of motion, allows the role-player total flexibility to use any grappling, striking or fighting system
  • Ergonomic Design Allows Role-Player To Wear duty gear or clothing over suit
  • Improve timing and accuracy
  • Utilize any combative tactic
  • Train in real environments like rooms, halls, elevators, vehicles, buses and so on
  • Ability to Flex Cuff
  • Speak clearly because of specially designed mouth and chin protection
  • The only training gear in the world that allows the role-player to be flex-cuffed or handcuffed
  • The MCR helmet is the only close quarter helmet approved for Simunition®, UTM® and AirSoft™
  • Role-players can be ready for training in 3 minutes – less time waiting, more time training
  • Can be used in any scenario training from CQB to PSD with training weapons or empty-hand techniques
Model Item Number
Small LBT-5105 KIT
Medium LBT-5205 KIT
Large LBT-5305 KIT
X-Large LBT-5405 KIT





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