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Liteye – C-AUDS (Containerized – Anti-UAS Defense System)

Liteye Systems
The Liteye Containerized Anti-UAS Defense System (C-AUDS) integrates the Anti-UAS Defense System (AUDS) backbone into a 20-ft ISO-certified metal shipping container. Completely self-contained, the C-AUDS provides an inner layer of defense that addresses the short-range gap coverage of large radars. The system is optimized for rapid deployment and defense of urban, rural and remote locations and provides both non-kinetic and optional kinetic C-UAS solutions. Used as part of a wider networked surveillance and defense system the C-AUDS is an attractive option for military, border security forces and civilian infrastructure.


  • AUDS provides multiple layers of C-UAS defeat protocol
  • AUDS supports All-Domain Operations – Land, Air, Sea, Space, Electro-Magnetic Spectrum
  • Integration with all domain Command and Control
  • Designed to counter group 1 and group 2 UAS
  • System controlled entirely from the C-AUDS operator station or from a fully remote and networked location, including multi-system connectivity, environmentally partitioned, complete mission capable system and operator areas
  • TRL-9

Weight: 13000 lbs
Size: 20’ x 8’ x 8.6’
Generator Power: 8kVA Diesel
Shore/Grid Power: 240V AC and 120V AC
Emergency Power: 24V emergency battery power
Portability: Standard Shipping Equipment
Environmental: -25F to 140F


Products are available for DOD, Federal, State and Local Government Agency ordering.
ADS cannot quote or fulfill personal orders.

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