LexTM3 – EverGrip Class L Overmolded Cable Sets


LexTM3 offers 60 Amp and 100 Amp overmolded Class L cable extensions and tie-ins in the growing line of EverGrip® cable assemblies. LexTM3s' overmold technology provides enhanced safety and durability for critical Military applications. The core of EverGrip® is a premold which provides a mechanical bond between the cable and connector, and totally encapsulates the contacts and conductors to prevent the possibility of pushed pins and broken conductors. Short circuits due to stray wires are eliminated. A solid thermoplastic elastomer overmold absorbs impact to protect internal conductors and provides enhanced flexibility and strain relief to extend cable life.

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Model Item #
60A EverGrip Class L Extension – 50ft MILEG50-50
100A EverGrip Class L Extension – 50ft MILEG100-50
60A EverGrip Class L Extension – 25ft MILEG60-25
60A EverGrip Class L Extension – 50ft MILEG60-50
60A EverGrip Class L Extension – 100ft MILEG60-100
100A EverGrip Class L Extension – 25ft MILEG100-25
100A EverGrip Class L Extension – 100ft MILEG100-100





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