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LaRue Tactical

Sniper Tactical Observation Mounting Package .

The LT STOMP (Sniper Total Optical Mounting Package) was designed by request to upgrade conventional bolt guns with an extended MILSTD-1913 rail for use with issued night-vision accessories in front of their daytime optics. The end result was a lightweight, extremely repeatable QD system that acts as a shock absorber to protect sensitive internal electronics in NV optics. Available for either long action or short

action M-700's, the STOMP comes complete with everything needed to quickly and easily mount PVS-22's (OSTI), and PVS -24's (L3 EOS) perfectly-aligned with day optics. Three parts include the M-700 Picatinny base (choose between Long or Short

action), 34mm scope rings (with 30mm inserts included), and a QD night vision over-arm.

  • STOMP is for military/police unit purchase only .
  • Like all LaRue mounts, it is precision-machined out of
  • bar-stock aluminum and anodized . The locking LaRue
  • Speed Levers provide outstanding return to zero; the
  • optic can be removed, and replaced, without loss of zero .
  • Guaranteed .
  • The mount comes complete with replacement mounting
  • screws & wrench, QD adjustment wrench, vial of blue
  • Loctite and Instructions .
  • Assembly and adjustment only takes a few minutes .
  • Ring Sizes Available: 34mm and 30mm
  • Choose From:
  • LT145 is designed for scopes with average-size turret
  • housings, like NightForce, Leupold, etc .
  • LT159 has a wider distance between rings for scopes
  • with larger turret housings, like Schmidt & Bender, etc .
  • Both models come optional with either Long, or Short-
  • Action receiver rails
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STOMP – Sniper Tactical Observation Mounting Package STOMP




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