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Red/Green Dot Sight with BDC reticule.

The MGS is for Crew Served Weapons (e.g. M240, M249, M134, & M2 HBMG,) and it is the result of 5+ years of Crew Served Optic market experience. The MGS comes with a removable LED module and it can be easily upgraded with other types of reticules. A foldable magnifier, allows the operator of the MGS to observe, identify and acquire long range targets during the day or at night with an optional NVS monocular or thermal sight.

  • Key benefits:
  • Modular Design-One sight for all Crew Served Weapons
  • Removable LED module-7.62 reticle and .50 cal reticules
  • Easy to maintain/repair/upgrade
  • Quickly attach foldable 3X or 8X magnifiers (L and R)
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Model Item Number
Machine Gun Sight (MGS)-7.62 & .50 cal MGS-M1X
Machine Gun Sight – 3X Magnifier MGS-33X
Machine Gun Sight – 8X magnifier MGS-38X
Thermal Mount MGS-TMT
M2 Back Mount MGS-800