Professional divers around the world know that they can trust in Interspiro products. Unrivaled in quality and construction, Interspiro's DIVATOR system offers a high level of safety in all types of demanding environments and under even the toughest of conditions. The DIVATOR system contains a portable surface supply; lightweight fully composite cylinder pack; a full face mask with positive pressure and ambient breathing valve; a buoyancy compensating jacket and a regulator reserve air valve with breathing resistance warning. Contents: DIVATOR Full Face Mask: Consists of a balanced breathing valve with high air flow capacity and low breathing resistance. Specially-designed visor gives divers excellent field of vision while reducing positive buoyancy. The full face mask can be equipped with the DIVATOR Heads-Up Display (HUD) low air warning and the DIVATOR Hatch, an ambient breathing valve enabling divers to keep the face mask donned while on standby.

  • DIVATOR Lite Diving Cylinder: The first fully composite cylinder with a removable integrated weight. The composite cylinders are significantly lighter than traditional cylinders and are completely corrosion-resistant. The removal of the integrated cylinder weight permits easy entry and exiting of the water. The position of the weight between the dual cylinder pack provides the diver with a balanced system. Interspiro also offers a full range of DIVATOR steel cylinders.
  • DIVATOR BUOYANCY COMPENSATING JACKET: The jacket has an integrated cylinder mounting rail that provides a quick and reliable connection to the cylinder pack while allowing fast cylinder replacement. The buoyancy compensating jacket is constructed of high quality, heavy duty nylon fabric for strength and durability with integrated drop weight pockets.
  • DIVATOR REGULATORS – MKII and MKIII: The MKII and MKIII regulators have extremely high flow capacity. Their design ensures that the intermediate pressure leading to the breathing valve is stable and is not affected by pressure variations in the air supply or the depth of the dive. Both regulators include a four port swivel that provides convenient air supply connections for buoyancy compensating jacket, dry suit and DIVATOR Octopus breathing valve.
  • DIVATOR MKII: Designed to endure extreme temperatures and proven by years of trouble free use by professional divers from the arctic to the equator. The easy-to-read pressure gauge and the regulator are approved for use in cold waters. The MKII contains a chest-mounted reserve valve and a surface supply connection.
  • DIVATOR MKIII: Designed with dual first stage regulators integrated in one unit. Safe and easy-to-use transition into reserve air or bail-out mode
  • with “Pull for air”-solution. Equipped with a high pressure surface supply inlet port.
  • DIVATOR DP1: The DIVATOR DP1 supply hose provides a truly light weight and portable surface supply. The DP1 provide full cylinder pressure to the diver at depth. By providing cylinder air pressure to the diver, the supply hose is equipped with a regulator at the diver's end that automatically compensates the secondary pressure for depth variations, thereby eliminating the need for adjustment of the dive panel by the surface attendant. The supply hose itself is very strong but lightweight. At only 10 mm (0. 39 inch) in diameter, 60 meters (200 ft) of hose weighs less than 5 kilos (11 lbs) resulting in less storage space, lower carry weight and far less drag in swift water. The supply hose is also approved in accordance with requirements for lifelines and can therefore act as a safety lifeline
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