Interspiro – DIVATOR MASK


The DIVATOR Full Face Mask is also known as the ‘AGA mask'. The DIVATOR Full Face Mask is the world's most sold full-face mask. Even if you are not acquainted with Interspiro or with their products, it is quite likely that you have seen the DIVATOR Mask watching professional divers at work on television and in the movies. The real magic is not the face mask, but the balanced breathing valve with its high capacity, low breathing resistance, and extreme resilience to dangerous fluids. The breathing valve is the real pride of our engineering staff. The DIVATOR Mask is available with varied options such as the DIVATOR breathing valve with mouthpiece, DIVATOR Hatch, DIVATOR HUD, DIVATOR Mask Weights and DIVATOR Frames for spectacles.

  • High air flow capacity and low breathing resistance increases the divers performance and endurance
  • Leakage is minimized by a double sealing on the exhalation valve and with a soft and flexible mask sealing
  • With a low dead space volume the air consumption is minimized
  • The mask and mouthpiece can easily be drained from water with a purge button
  • Available Options:
  • Natural rubber: Color – Black or Grey
  • Silicon: Color – Black or Yellow
  • Breathing valve with or without safety pressure: Color – Black or Grey
Model Item Number
Black Natural Rubber Mask without Safety Pressure 96319-10
Black Natural Rubber Mask with Safety Pressure 96319-11
Black N.R Mask with Air Hatch without Safety Pressure 96319-20
Black N.R Mask with Air Hatch with Safety Pressure 96319-21
Black Sil. Mask with Air Hatch without Safety Pressure 96319-16
Black Sil. Mask with Air Hatch with Safety Pressure 96319-17
Regulator Hose 336190389





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