Ideal Blasting – X-Ray Correct Inert Explosives Threat Kit

Ideal Blasting

The Explosives Training Kit provides an assortment of inert explosives simultants and bomb configurations. Each item is x-ray correct and will generate a response similar to a genuine bomb or explosive on systems with automatic detection capability. We believe there are no other products on the market that offer the capability and complete functionality of this kit.

  • Inert Pipe Bombs
  • 1 Metal Pipe IED Assembly, Large
  • 1 Metal Pipe IED Assembly, Small
  • 1 PVC Pipe IED Assembly, Large
  • 1 PVC Pipe IED Assembly, Small
  • Inert Hand Grenade
  • 1 M67 Frag
  • 1 F1 Frag
  • 1 RGD-5
  • Inert Dynamites
  • 1 PE-4, Long
  • 1 PE-4, Short
  • 1 TNT Cast Booster
  • 1 El-Blasto Dynamite
  • 3 Nitro Dynamite
  • 1 Dynamite, Military, M1
  • 1 Ammonium Dynamite
  • 1 Extra Gelatin Nitro Dynamite
  • Inert Plastic Explosives
  • 1 Semtex H Assembly
  • 1 M112 Block (C-4) Assembly
  • 1 Plastic Explosive Assembly
  • 1 Cast TNT Assembly
  • 1 SEMTEX 1A Assembly
  • 1 SEMTEX 10 Assembly
  • Inert Low Explosives
  • 1 Smokeless Powder
  • 1 Black Powder
Model Item #
X-Ray Correct Inert Explosives Threat Kit 5365




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