Husqvarna – DXR 140 Demolition Robot

  • 360° of rotation, based on a hydraulic/electrical swivel technique, allows more flexibility.
  • Individually controlled outriggers enable it to work on uneven surfaces or close to walls.
  • A new generation of LED spotlights provide exceptional illumination.
  • Only 31″ wide; it fits through most normal-size doorways.
  • Low machine profile does not block line of sight.
  • Rugged design protects it from sharp objects and falling overhead debris.
  • The remote control can be operated by one-hand and the 3-1/2″ color display enables the operator to easily see what is shown. Bluetooth Technology is less sensitive to interference, ensuring the machine and operator are always synchronized.
  • A sturdy harness with a curved alloy bar enhances comfort and control.
  • The power unit’s location above the undercarriage and the automatic grease pump provide for easy service.
  • Operator can adjust the flow and pressure of the tool attachment to run other hydraulic equipment.
  • With Husqvarna’s global service network operators always have access to servicing and product specialists.
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Model Item Number
DXR 140 Demolition Robot 966529302





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