Honeywell – Morning Pride® Structural Turnout Coat and Pants


Standard Coat Features:

  • Kinetic Kut™ Styling – Significantly reduces hem rise and sleeve retraction, allowing for greater range of motion and protection (patented
  • TAILS™ System – Reduces weight, increases range of motion, and eliminates bunching when bending forward
  • Forward Flex™ Sleeve – Patented design eliminates undesirable sleeve retraction when reaching up or forward
  • Articulating Drag Rescue Device – Adjusts to maintain equal leverage on a downed firefighter even when pulling from an angle (patented)
  • Comfortable Chinstraps – Curved design for better fit and less irritation
  • Single-seam Sleeves – Innovative design eliminates second seam, reducing wear point
  • Waterproof Wristlets – Patented double-layer Nomex® wristlets with continuous moisture barrier seal out liquids at the wrist
  • Hybrid Long Tabbed Wristlets – Durable and comfortable thumb locator option doesn’t interfere with glove donning
  • Inspection Ports – Patented feature allows for easier inspection of thermal liner and moisture barrier
  • Continuous Protection – Outer shell, moisture barrier, and thermal barrier overlap at coat facings, collar linings, and pant fly to give uninterrupted protection
  • Seam Guards – Placed over trim threads at high-abrasion areas to reduce wear (patented)
  • Three-piece Coat Pattern Throughout All Layers – Allows greater reach, flexibility, mobility, and protection while also dramatically improving the garment’s durability
  • Postman Take-up Straps – Provide a better and tailored fit

Standard Pant Features:

  • Full Range of Motion Crotch – Patented U-shape design and diamond-shaped insert allow greater leg mobility
  • Low-waist Comfort Pant – Increases mobility at waist, reduces weight, and allows for more ventilation so it feels like a pair of jeans, wears like a pair of jeans, and rides like a pair of jeans
  • Seam Guards – Placed over trim threads at high-abrasion areas to reduce wear (patented)
  • Custom Sizing with Proper Fit
  • Model Spec Options: Army Reserve, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force/National Guard
Model Item Number
Morning Pride Pant – LTO-4273 Pants Bronze ADSINC00241
Morning Pride Tails Coat – LTO-42Q3 Tails Bronze ADSINC00242
Morning Pride Pant – LTO-42Q3 Pants Bronze ADSINC00243
Morning Pride Tails Coat – LTO-34C3 Tails Gold ADSINC00244
Morning Pride Pant – LTO-34C3 Pants Gold ADSINC00245
Morning Pride Tails Coat – LTO-34Q3 Tails Gold ADSINC00246
Morning Pride Pant – LTO-34Q3 Pants Gold ADSINC00247





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