Honeywell – Comfort Top Hoods


Comfort Top Hood Design Advantages:

  • The Comfort Top knit stretches in the opposite direction of the hood body so you have balanced multi-stretch fit. The difference is very noticeable and very positive.
  • The peaked look of some hoods along the top stitch line is gone. The Comfort Top hood pulls evenly around the circular top seam with no rubbing when wearing a helmet. Patented and Patent Pending.


  • 100% Nomex®; 2-layer wt.: 17.0 oz — To meet TPP requirements, Nomex® hoods (white in color) were beefed up to 8.5 ounce, 100% Nomex® knit. This material handles perspiration only moderately well and, while on the heavy side, is on the economical end of the scale. TPP before/after wash: 22.1/26.7
  • Pbi/Lenzing PFR rayon; 2-layer wt.: 13.0 oz Bronze — The 6.5 ounce knit is a 20% Pbi®, 80% PFR rayon blend. Yet another step up in heat resistance, it also handles perspiration extremely well and is often chosen as being the most comfortable of the materials. While a bit more expensive, it has been the choice for overall best insulation, heat resistance, and comfort for over 15 years. TPP before/after wash: 23.2/34.1
  • HTC™ carbon blend; 2-layer wt.: 13.5 oz Black — Combining carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and P-84®, this blend offers superior strength compared to other carbon blends on the market. TPP before/after wash: 24.3/28.5
Model Item Number
Comfort Top Hood with Square Bib – Pbi Blend Fabric HD-300-22557FNF
Comfort Top Hood with Face and Chest Bib – Nomex® Fabric HD-FCN
Comfort Top Hood with Face and Chest Bib – Pbi Blend Fabric HD-FCPBIR





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