HIPPO Multipower – HIPPO CPS (Complete Power Solution)

HIPPO Multipower

The HIPPO 2032E and HIPPO 2042E multipower packs are skid mounted, self-contained, diesel engine driven power packs which provide multiple sources of power for continuous duty use with a wide variety of heavy duty hand held tools. Concrete saws, jack hammers, trash pumps, hammer drills, chop saws, etc. will operate up to eight hours on a single tank of JP8 or diesel fuel. On board coolers keep oils and fluids at optimum temperatures during operation. Hydraulic hoses, electric wiring and air lines are all color coded and labeled to indicate component parts for ease of maintenance and diagnostics. The HIPPO 2032E weighs approximately 1650 lbs and is 64L x 36W x 41H.

Mission: Provide a variety of severe duty power to heavy tools for remote work site applications, civilian or military disaster relief, construction and maintenance operations.

  • The HIPPO 2032E provides air, electric and hydraulic power including:
  • Up to 5.2KW, 120 Volts at 60Hz
  • Two (2) 10gpm @ 2000psi hydraulic tool circuits
  • 40 CFM or 80 CFM @ 110 PSI compressed air
  • The HIPPO 2042E provides air, electric, hydraulic and welding power including:
  • Up to 5.2 KW, 120 volts AC at 60Hz
  • Two (2) 10gpm @ 2000psi hydraulic tool circuits
  • 240 Amp DC welder (70% duty cycle)
  • The HIPPO Sustainment Kit is designed to facilitate the first year of maintenance for your new HIPPO unit, containing the appropriate hoses, filters, belts, etc. for your unit. By using the Sustainment Kit in conjunction with the Operators Manual the maintenance for the HIPPO becomes easy to remember and even easier to accomplish.
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HIPPO 2032E 2032E
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