HDT Global – AirBeam™ Shelter – Model 2032

HDT Global

HDT's AirBeam® Shelters are the most advanced tactical shelter of their kind and have been selected by the U.S. Army for Force Provider and the new 150-troop Expeditionary Base Camp. They were chosen for their ease of use, rapid deployment and strike-time capabilities, which meet or exceed all U.S. military requirements for a general-purpose field tents. Models are available in 600 sq ft options in a variety of configurations.

  • Environmental Control Unit (ECU) ducts
  • Removable lightweight thermal liner with an airflow distribution plenum
  • Lightweight cargo net for shelter storage and transportation
  • Low weight, cube and personnel requirements
  • Easy field maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Superior strength and durability
Model Item Number
AirBeam® Model 2032A, Tan (3 Windows ea Side, End Prsnl Doors) V00-010-2032ATN
AirBeam® Model 2032A, Green (3 Windows ea Side, End Prsnl Doors) V00-010-2032AOD
AirBeam® Model 2032B, Green (2 Windows & Door ea Side, End Prsnl Doors) V00-010-2032BOD
AirBeam® Model 2032B, Tan (2 Windows & Door ea Side, End Prsnl Doors) V00-010-2032BTN
AirBeam® Model 2032B2, Green (2 Windows & Cntr Door ea Side, End Prsnl Doors) V00-010-2032B2OD
AirBeam® Model 2032B2, Tan (2 Windows & Cntr Door ea Side, End Prsnl Doors) V00-010-2032B2TN





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