Harris RF Communications – RF-7800H-MP001 WIDEBAND HF RADIO

Harris RF Communications

The RF-7800H provides continuous coverage from 1. 5 to 60 MHz in a small/compact package, operating from a single battery, reducing the weight while providing 20 watts HF and 10 watts VHF. With data transmission in bandwidths from 3 to 24 kHz it is capable of data rates of up to 120 kbps. The RF-7800H-MP features a SCA based operating environment providing an optimal platform for hosting future capabilities. Embedded Citadel® and AES encryption provides military grade security for all voice and data transmissions. A serial-tone ECCM Hopping waveform with DSP-based excision filtering combined with robust vocoder provide reliable, secure HF communications in the presence of jamming. Embedded third generation link automation (ALE) per STANAG 4538 provides high performance link establishment and data link protocols to deliver faster and more reliable linking together with error-free data transfer. An enhanced internal GPS receiver provides local position information and Automatic Position Reporting. Integrated telephony capability allows the radio operator to place and receive telephone calls using the radio keypad when used with the Tactical Network Access Hub

  • Note: Uses all accessories as the AN/PRC-150 Manpack. An RF-7800H-AD150 adapter will allow the RF-7800H to integrate into the AN/PRC-150 power amp (150 watt, other adapters available for 125 and 400 watt amplifiers).
  • Accessories available upon request
Model Item Number
RF-7800H-MP001 Wideband HF Radio RF-7800H-MP001




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