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The Harris RF-7800B Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) product line is a high-performance satellite solution that provides secure reliable voice and wideband data connectivity for beyond line-of-sight SATCOM-on-the-move and SATCOM-at-the-quick-halt applications. When used with the Falcon III radios, the RF-7800B terminals provide BLOS range extension of data networking capabilities through simultaneous operation with Harris' ANW2 waveform. When the Falcon III Radio changes to a BGAN enabled net, a connection is automatically created by the RF-7800B to the Inmarsat network, providing an encrypted IP data transfer capability that is automatically routed through either the LOS or BGAN satellite network. The Falcon III integrated system manages Inmarsat subscriber costs through the automated routing between ANW2 LOS and BLOS nodes. The RF-7800B-DU024 is a land portable, Class 2 BGAN terminal. Small in size, it is meant for SATCOM-on-the-Quick-Halt (SOQH) at the dismount level, or fixed site applications. For vehicular applications, the RF-7800B-VU104 is a land mobile, Class 10 SOTM BGAN terminal. Meant for SOTM applications, the RF-7800B-VU104 provides continuous satellite tracking and connectivity.

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Land Portable BGAN Terminal RF-7800B-DU024
Land Mobile BGAN Terminal RF-7800B-VU104




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