Harris RF Communications – 10540-0720-01 AN/PRC-150 150 WATT VEHICULAR KIT, NO R/T

Harris RF Communications

The 10540-0720-01 HF Vehicular kit includes a 150 watt amplifier, coupler, cabling, 35 foot whip antenna with mount, tactical speaker and shock mount. AN/PRC-150 radio sold separately. The 10540-0720-01 provides the equipment complement necessary to transform the AN/PRC-150(C) manpack radio into a 150 watt PEP/Average HF-SSB (60 watt VHF-FM) vehicular system. The adapter includes the RF-5245 Pre/postselector and an HF low-pass filter for the attenuation of unwanted signals in collocated applications. The adapter facilitates rapid conversion to a man portable configuration. The RF-382A-15 coupler automatically matches the output of power amplifiers to a wide variety of whip, dipole, and long-wire antennas over the 1. 6 to 30 MHz frequency range. It includes a 50-ohm output connector (type N female) for applications where a quick change from tuning a whip antenna to tuning a 50-ohm antenna is desirable.

  • Accessories available upon request
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10540-0720-01 AN/PRC-150 150 Watt Vehicular Kit, No R/T 10540-0720-01




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