Harris RF Communications – 10540-0100-01 AN/PRC-150 HF MANPACK KIT (INCLUDES ACCESSORIES)

Harris RF Communications

The 10540-0100-01 is a complete AN/PRC-150 HF manpack kit. Kit includes the radio, antennas, battery, TAC Chat software, carrying bag, and handset. The AN/PRC-150(C) HF-SSB/VHF-FM transceiver covers 1. 6 to 60 MHz at 20 watt PEP/Average for HF and 10 watt for VHF. Modes include USB, LSB, CW, AME, and FM. Two types of encryption are included in this radio, U. S. government Type-1 and coalition encryption. A simple, menu-driven interface makes operation easy. This unit is interoperable with non-Type-1 radios in secure mode and with radios that include standard Citadel® encryption in both the HF and VHF bands. The unit is also interoperable in non-secure mode in fixed frequency and Automated Link Establishment (ALE) with other HF and VHF radio systems.

  • Complete line of HF antennas and additional accessories available upon request.
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10540-0100-01 AN/PRC-150 HF Manpack Kit(Includes Accessories) 10540-0100-01




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