Harris Corporation – AN/PRC-152A(V)4 Wideband Handheld With GPS

Harris Corporation

The FALCON III® AN/PRC-152A(V)4 wideband networking radio provides voice, high-speed network data, and full-motion video services on the move. Covering the 30 to 512 MHz frequency range, the multiband radio also comes with high band enhancement that increases the radios frequency coverage to 30-520 MHz and 762-870 MHz for select waveforms. The AN/PRC-152A provides interoperability with SINCGARS, Havequick II, and VHF/UHF AM and FM. Additionally, the radio supports wideband (1.2 MHz Bandwidth) networking waveforms from 225 to 450 MHz. The AN/PRC-152A provides voice and data security up to the TOP SECRET level. The AN/PRC-152A provides high-speed network data using ANW2 and supports SRW. ANW2 provides situational awareness and data on demand, seamlessly linking dismounted soldiers with upper-echelon networks. Includes:

  • Li-Ion Battery
  • USB data cable
  • VHF/UHF Multi Band Antenna
  • Accessories available upon request
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Wideband Handheld with GPS AN/PRC-152A(V)4





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