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GPS Retransmission kits provide GPS signals inside any aircraft, ground vehicle or hangar, making satellite connectivity and/or Situational Awareness available prior to dismount. GPS receivers will experience no loss in signal coverage as they move in or out of any vehicle equipped with GPS Live Inside. GPS Retransmission technology developed by GPS Source, Inc. is currently in use by aircraft and ground vehicles in theater. This equipment has received Safety of Flight Approval for a range of platforms.

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GLI-Cobra GPS L1l2 Military Retransmission Kit Universal Man Portable Instal CBRA
GLI-Viper GPS L1l2 Military Retransmission Kit, Medium To Large Aircraft Man Portable Install VIPR
GLI-Diamondback, GPS L1l2 Military Retransmission, Small Aircraft Man Portable Install DMBK
GLI-Copperhead GPS L1l2 Military Retransmission Kit, Medium to Large Ground Vehicle Man Portable Install CPHD
GLI-Cottonmouth, GPS L1l2 Military Retransmission Kit, Small Ground Vehicle Man Portable Install CTNM




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