GDI – P-ROM L-MODEL™ (Rifle Optic Mount)


Precision engineered and built to increase accuracy and marksmanship effectiveness in the harshest battlefield environments. Available in 30mm & 34mm Ring Diameter with 0MOA, 25MOA and 45MOA base variants.

  • Zero Retention / Repeatable Zero: 01MOA No loss of zero upon removal / remount of optic mount. Laboratory tested – exceeds stringent USMC requirements for zero retention.
  • Enhanced Eye Relief: Adjustable in 3/8″ increments to accommodate variances in shooter height and Length-of-Pull).
  • Non-Abrading / Gouging Picatinny Rail Lock-Down feature.
  • Adjusts to Worn or Out-of-Spec Picatinny Rails: Fits all M1913 Picatinny rails.
  • Dual Auto-Locking Quick Detach (ALQD™) Lever System: Safety feature automatically locks / engages Picatinny rail upon closing of levers, to positively secure mount to weapon.
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Model Item Number
P-ROM L-Model™ (Rifle Optic Mount) 30mm Ring Diam 0 MOA PRL3000
P-ROM L-Model™ (Rifle Optic Mount) 30mm Ring Diam 25 MOA PRL3025
P-ROM L-Model™ (Rifle Optic Mount) 34mm Ring Diam 0 MOA PRL3400
P-ROM L-Model™ (Rifle Optic Mount) 34mm Ring Diam 25 MOA PRL3425
P-ROM L-Model™ (Rifle Optic Mount) 35mm Ring Diam 0 MOA PRL3500
P-ROM L-Model™ (Rifle Optic Mount) 35mm Ring Diam 25 MOA PRL3525




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