Gatekeeper Security – Intelligent Train Undercarriage Scanner (ITUS)

Gatekeeper Intelligent Security
Gatekeeper’s Intelligent Train Undercarriage Scanner (ITUS)™ automatically identifies and inspects each train car’s undercarriage providing a high-resolution image and the ability to immediately detect foreign objects, anomalies, and potential maintenance hazards under all environmental conditions.

Trains pass over the dual-view scanner while Gatekeeper technology compiles two high-resolution, virtual 3-D digital images of each car’s undercarriage to create the car’s digital “fingerprint.” An overview camera captures the normal view of the train and displays this on the high-resolution touch screen.

As each train car clears the scanning device, it only takes 4 seconds for Gatekeeper’s Automatic Foreign Object Detection software to compare the subject car’s undercarriage to a reference undercarriage image (stored in the database) and to display both on the screen. The system then immediately identifies any foreign objects or modifications to the undercarriage by circling them with a red ring AND activating an audio and/or visual alarm.


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