Galvion – Squad Power Manager Special Forces Kit


The Squad Power Manager™ (SPM) Special Forces Kit enables unimpeded operational use of mission‑essential electronic equipment – regardless of the
environment or infrastructure. With this kit, Special Operations Forces can scavenge power from any available source and automatically convert that power to reliably charge and run vital equipment. Uniquely versatile, intelligent, and rugged, the Squad Power Manager integrates with more than 200 types of electronic equipment, seamlessly supporting a wide range of configurations and shifting mission demands. The Special Forces Kit includes connectors for civilian and military batteries, vehicle power outlets, solar blankets, military radios,
satellite communication systems, smart phones, tablets, laptop computers, and more.

  • FIELD PROVEN – In use with all USSOCOM units, U.S. Army SFABs, and multiple international SOF units
  • USAF CERTIFIED SAFE-TO-FLY – Can be used while in-flight and/or connected to aircraft power. When used with the SPM, the Nerv Centr SoloPack and SharePack can be recharged while on board
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY – Intelligent power management software and smart cable technology makes switching between power sources and connected devices intuitive and seamless
  • SIX UNIVERSAL PORTS – Delivers mission-critical capability, powering devices, managing energy sources, and charging up to five batteries – simultaneously, without any manual reconfiguration or reprogramming
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – The Squad Power Manager Special Forces Kit can be upgraded with additional cables to support UAS and UGV systems, field medical equipment, EOD equipment, power tools, sensing/imaging/targeting systems, and more
  • RUGGED – Fully ruggedized for military use, the Squad Power Manager withstands temperatures ranging from 30°C to 70°C, and can even operate when fully submerged in more than a meter of water


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