Galvion – SPM-622 SF Roll Kit


Reduce battery load and maintain constant operability of a mission essential systems – even in austere environments. The Special Forces Roll Kit combines an SPM-622 Squad Power Manager with cables and accessories for electronic equipment commonly used by US and Allied Special Operations Forces. Each kit includes an SPM-622, a lightweight solar blanket, connectors for civilian and military batteries and vehicles power outlets; as well as smart cables for NATO military radios, satellite communication systems, smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager enables the operator to maintain constant operability of critical systems by “scavenging” power from any available source and automatically converting that power as required by the connected device or battery. Thanks to its intelligent power management system, the SPM-622 can also simultaneously charge military and COTS batteries. It operates efficiently at temperatures ranging from -20° to +60° C, and will even function when totally submerged.

  • Four interchangeable battery bays, each fully protected against faulty batteries, short or open circuits, reverse polarity, and over voltage.
  • Currently in use with all US DoD branches, USSOCOM components, international SOF, and specialists such as JTAC, EOD, and Medical.
  • Supports most currently deployed military radio systems, including; PRC-148, PRC-154, PRC-117F/G, PRC-152, MPU-4, Motorola, etc.
  • Recharges most military and commercial rechargeable batteries, including Conformal Wearable Battery, power tool batteries, and the latest high performance radio batteries.
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