FLIR – Advanced Multi-Mission UAS R80D SkyRaider

The R80D SkyRaider delivers a range of versatile Group 2-3 payload capabilities with the agility and single-operator deployment footprint of a proven Group 1 VTOL aircraft. With its ability to carry and deliver multiple payloads up to 4.4 lbs, an open architecture, and one of the fastest, most powerful embedded artificial intelligence (AI) computing devices available on a sUAS, the SkyRaider is redefining what’s possible with a man-packable UAS.

Long-Range Zoom
The HDZoom 30 provides up to 30x optical zoom and 60x enhanced digital zoom for eyes-on-target at distances up to 3 miles (5 km).

High-Fidelity Infrared
The FLIR EO/IR Mk-II delivers high-fidelity daylight and thermal imagery in a weather-resistant, 3-axis stabilized gimbal.

Moving Target Identification in Both EO and IR
Integrated into the HDZoom 30 and EO/IR Mk-II Imaging payloads, FLIR Vector™ real-time video processing software automatically targets and tracks moving objects up to 3 miles away.

Capture daylight and thermal imagery at the same time.
Ideal for both day and night operations, the EO/IR Mk-II imaging payload provides:

  • Enhanced thermal (IR) imagery in a range of color palettes – white-hot, black-hot, rainbow, and ironbow
  • Secure HD 1080p video streaming to the pilot and remote personnel anywhere in the world
  • Choice of IR lenses – 19 mm focal length (tactical applications) and 13 mm (thermal mapping or SAR applications)
  • Advanced radiometric temperature measurement, accurate to +/- 90º F (50º C)
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