DEFEND 36 – Biting Insect Patch

Defend 36

These topically applied transdermal patches protect the vast majority of its users from the bites of mosquitoes, flies, fleas, midges, lice and even ticks. 100% safe for children and pets, it effectively keeps mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects away for up to 36 hours.

  • Utilizes the human body’s own chemistry
  • Natural non-toxic adhesive patch containing derivative formulation of Vitamin B1, as its only active ingredient
  • Simple application to user’s skin affords systemic protection from mosquitoes and many other blood feeding insects [e.g. gnats, midges, flies (yellow, black, green, etc.), ticks, et al
  • No reapplication necessary for up to 36 hours, even during swimming or bathing
  • Not like standard chemical sprays and lotions that require regular reapplication to maintain effectiveness
  • Simple instructions; convenient packaging & safe for infants at least one (1) year old
  • User’s weighing over 250 need two (2) patches or any user, if insect prevalence is high
  • FDA compliant (DSHEA, 94)
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