Cocoon ITAB

Cocoon – CH-47 ITAB (Improved Thermal Acoustic Blanket)

Outfit current CH-47 fleet with updated blankets meeting the Improved Thermal Acoustic Blanket (ITAB) Performance Specification developed by Cargo Helicopter. With this technological breakthrough, the Army is able to modernize the aviation and thermal blanket for the CH-47, not only significantly reducing weight and improving performance, but increasing readiness, decreasing maintenance and sustainment costs, and improving soldier safety. This new blanket is more than just improved, it’s a major leap forward. It can best be described as advanced technology in the form of a textile.


  • 140+ pounds lighter than old blanket after use
  • Drop in Replacement (1 for 1 with old blanket)
  • Does not absorb fluids so will not gain weight over time
  • Air permeable, preventing the build up of moisture between the blanket and the
    airframe; to mitigate corrosion and mold
  • 10% improvement in thermal efficiency
  • 40% improvement in acoustic performance
  • Fire resistant
  • Inherently anti-static
  • Advanced attachment system eliminates need for 550 cord
  • Received airworthiness certification and has been fielded in CH-47

Click here for an overall performance comparison to previous blankets.

Model Item Number
Complete CH ITAB Set H110-001





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