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The Combat ID Thermal Panel (CIDT Panel) or Thermal Identification Panel (TIP), employs a proprietary material that reflects a “cold” Thermal signal that can only be seen by Thermal targeting sensors and Thermal surveillance sensors. The reflected cold image provides a simple marking method that identifies friendly persons, vehicles and equipment to air and ground forces. The CIDT Panel has two sides; the Thermal side of the panel, which is brown in color, and the CORDURA® protective side. The Thermal side works by reflecting the sky's energy. A Thermal sensor sees the reflected energy and displays a cold image to the sensor operator. The CORDURA® protective side can be colored International Orange, so the panel can also be used as a visual signaling panel like the VS-17 Signaling Panel, or flat brown to maximize concealment. The Combat ID Thermal Panel can be deployed during the day or at night as a signaling tool. The CIDT Panel is offered in a either a 4'x4′ Vehicle, a 4'x4′ Bore Sighting, a 2'x2′ Vehicle, or a 2'x2′ Personnel configuration. The personnel panels are made of lighter materials to support dismounted operations and can be deployed to individual soldiers.

  • The CIDT Panel is the only panel US Army and Joint Combat Identification Marking System approved.
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Print Model Print Item Number NSN Number
Personnel Combat ID Thermal Panel 50 (Brown / Brown), TIP-16 910115
Personnel Combat ID Thermal Panel 60 (Brown / Orange), TIP-17 910116
Vehicle Combat ID Thermal Panel 35 (Brown), TIP-9 910213 2590-01-531-6337
Vehicle Combat ID Thermal Panel 85 (Brown), TIP-21 910218




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