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Capewell Aerial Systems

Static Discharge Cables are designed for use with helicopter rescue hooks to discharge static electricity before the hook comes in contact with people or objects. This premium cable is a step up from standard discharge cables in that it includes a torpedo weight that helps to stabilize the cable and reduce movement in the rotor wash. It also features a neon-yellow plastic coating and reflective stripe for maximum visibility.

  • Prevents electrostatic shock
  • Stainless steel stabilizer weight limits swinging/circling caused by rotor wash
  •  “Hi-Viz” coating and reflective stripe for enhanced visibility in all weather conditions.
  • Compatible with all rescue hoist hooks
  • Cable is 10 feet long
  • 5/16” diameter steel cable with neon-yellow plastic coating and reflective stripe
  • Attaches with stainless steel gated snap hook
  • Break-away safety feature at 250 – 300 lbs.
  • Total assembly weight: 2.2 lbs.
  • Available exclusively from Capewell Aerial Systems
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Hi-Viz Weighted Static Discharge Cable AMTC-M2087-NY




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