Bosch – OTC Tire Bead Seater


The Tire Bead Seater is used when a tire, new or used, is mounted on a wheel and the tire bead does not touch both sides of the wheel, making inflation possible. The air trigger on this tool expels a burst of air that inflates the tire to seat it to the wheel rim. This allows the tire to be inflated to the recommended pressure through the tire valve.

  • The Tire Bead Seater is equipped with unique configurations that enhance ease of use, productivity, and safety for technicians looking to get the job done right every time.
  • The Tire Bead Seater's ASME certified 13-gallon tank is designed with a nozzle and valve connected via hose assembly, giving users more control rather than requiring them to hold the weight of the tank.
  • The trigger-style discharge valve allows for optimum airflow control while allowing both hands to firmly hold the nozzle/valve assembly, critical for effective and safe use. Wheels and handle function in either the vertical or horizontal position for easy mobility and storage.
  • Unique nozzle design significantly reduces “blowback recoil” and contains discharge holes strategically placed for optimum inflation of a wide range of the tire sizes and wheel diameters
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