Bosch – OTC Minuteman Plus Battery Tester


Battery Testing
Works on all 12-volt automotive-type batteries with cold cranking amp ratings of 100–1500.
Starter Testing
The MinuteMan Plus display shows cranking volts and amps, and indicates either 'Good Starter” or 'Bad Starter.” Excessive starter current draw can indicate a defective starter. Excessive engine drag, due to tight or damaged bearings or piston drag, can also cause an abnormally high starter draw.

Charging System Testing
Checks the charging system at high rpms and at idle, and stores the data. Results show regulator volts, peak amps, and a diode condition. MinuteMan Plus utilizes waveform analysis when testing alternator diodes, which provides more accuracy than the commonly used 'ripple voltage” tests.

Battery Tachometer Capability
Direct-from-battery technology gives you tachometer readings without having to make complicated connections to the ignition system. Provides battery-sensing measurements to 4,000 rpm, with 1 rpm resolution.

MinuteMan Plus multi-application electrical system tester. Includes connector cables, internal rechargeable battery, battery charger, cart with shelves for other equipment and instructions.


  • Special AGM test options for accurately diagnosing AGM and spiral (six-pack style) batteries.
  • Can switch between English and Spanish languages with a menu-based selection.
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OTC MinuteMan Plus Battery Tester 3131AGM


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