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BlueSky Mast – AL1 Standard Series

BlueSky Mast

Manual push up system. Lightweight payloads.

  • Primary Use:
  • Tactical RF Communications
  • Lightening Protection Systems
  • Features:
  • Patented Tripod designed with cam lock system, telescoping tripod legs, compass and bubble levels.
  • Lightweight 2 inch OD interlocking mast sections constructed of aerospace aluminum alloy.
  • Color coded, free spinning guy rings for directional control.
  • Guy ropes made of Spectra Cord, a woven fiber 10 times stronger than common cable.
  • Specifications:
  • Model Heights Available: 2 to 15 meters (7.5 ft. to 46.5 ft.)
  • Payload Capacity: 10 to 50 lbs.
  • Wind Loading: 70 mph
  • Deployment Time: 2 to 30 minutes
  • Outside Diameter: 2.0 inches
  • Testing:MIL-STD-810G
  • Transport: (1) 54x14x14 Wheeling Bag


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System Height (M / ft.) Deployable Load (lbs) Berry Compliant – Hard Case Upgrade
7 M (22.5 ft.) 37.5 BSM2-M-M107-AL1-BRY
8 M (25.5 ft.) 35 BSM2-M-M108-AL1-BRY
9 M (28.5 ft.) 32.5 BSM2-M-M109-AL1-BRY
10 M (31.5 ft.) 30 BSM2-M-M110-AL1-BRY
11 M (34.5 ft.) 25 BSM2-M-M111-AL1-BRY
12 M (37.5 ft.) 20 BSM2-M-M112-AL1-BRY
13 M (40.5 ft.) 15 BSM2-M-M113-AL1-BRY
14 M (43.5 ft.) 12.5 BSM2-M-M114-AL1-BRY
15 M (46.5 ft.) 10 BSM2-M-M115-AL1-BRY