BlueSky Mast – 350G Lift Series

BlueSky Mast

Fast Mechanical Lift System – Maximum Payloads.  BlueSky Mast builds the world’s most advanced multi-purpose, portable mast platforms for military communications and surveillance. Utilizing our patented, tool-less mounting system our customers have the ability to use a single BlueSky Mast to support an infinite number of configurations.

Primary Use:

  • Multiple Antenna Configurations
  • PTP / Wireless Data
  • Video Surveillance
  • 4G LTE / Cellular


  • Model Heights Available: 8 to 15 meters (28 ft. to 49 ft.)
  • Payload Capacity: 75 to 145 lbs.*
  • Wind Loading: 90 mph
  • Deployment Time: 30 to 45 minutes*
  • Outside Diameter: 3.5 inches
  • Testing: MIL-STD-810G
  • Transport: (2) 62x21x14.5 Inch Custom Hard Cases
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System Height (M / ft.) Deployable Load (lbs) Hard Case Upgrade – Berry Compliant
8 M (28.0 ft.) 145 350G-W-L308-LFT-BRY
10 M (31.5 ft.) 125 350G-W-L310-LFT-BRY
11 M (35.0 ft.) 115 350G-W-L311-LFT-BRY
12 M (38.5 ft.) 105 350G-W-L312-LFT-BRY
13 M (42.0 ft.) 95 350G-W-L313-LFT-BRY
14 M (45.5 ft.) 85 350G-W-L314-LFT-BRY
15 M (49.0 ft.) 75 350G-W-L315-LFT-BRY




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