Berg – Water Tanks (Onion Tanks)


Berg offers three Onion Tank options to meet diverse customer requirements. They can be used to store potable water, non-potable water or gray water. All tanks are self supporting and stable on slopes up to 10%. Tanks are stored and shipped in a valise or ground cloth that serves as a carrying bag when stowed and as protection from rocks and other sharp objects when deployed. All tanks come with 2” male and female cam-lock fittings to connect to water hoses.

Standard tanks: Open Top, Roll Top and Zipper Top.
Standard sizes include: 1,000 gallon, 1,500 gallon 3,000 gallon, 5,000 gallon, 10,000 gallon. Custom sizes are available upon request

Model Item Number
Berg Water Tanks (Onion Tanks), 1.5K Gallon, Source, Tan, Zip Top BWTANK-30386
Berg Water Tanks (Onion Tanks), 1.5K Gallon, Waste, Tan, Zip Top BWTANK-30387
Berg Water Tanks (Onion Tanks), 3K Gallon, Source, Tan, Zip Top BWTANK-30388
Berg Water Tanks (Onion Tanks), 3K Gallon, Waste, Tan, Zip Top BWTANK-30389





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