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At the heart of all Babington appliances is the Airtronic burner, the worldÍs cleanest and most energy-efficient distillate fuel burner (JP-8, diesel, kerosene) produces no smoke, no odor and no carbon monoxide. The Babington Airtronic made single-fuel-on-the-batåtlefield real when it was adopted as the multi-fuel heat source for the first ever heat-on-the-move field feeding systems in 1995. The award-winning Airtronic has since generated heat for million meals worldwide. It utilizes a unique air-atomization technology that leads to near-perfect combustion can withstand the diverse and rugged environments of the US military.

Babington Technology field feeding and kitchen systems are the ideal solution for mobile food preparation and sanitation for military, disaster relief, and humanitarian operations. The systems are modular and scalable to meet any need or requirement.

  • Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen: A complete field kitchen that ships on a single 463L Skid and supports 500 people using UGR H&S rations.
  • Tray Ration Heating System: The entire system mounts on a HUMVEE and can be operated by the driver and one trained food service specialist.
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Model Item #
Disaster Relief Mobile Kitchen Trailer (DRMKT) DRMKT-C-240





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