Atlantic Signal – Viper II
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Atlantic Signal – Viper II

Atlantic Signal

The VIPER II Push-to-Talk was developed by Atlantic Signal at the request of several clients looking for a push-to-talk that had the capabilities to run twin dual band radios, cross-band between radios and utilize CHAT Programs among many other requirements. The clients wanted a simple, easy to use solution out of the box with plug and play cables for various radios, ICS platforms and smartphones. Of equal importance, the clients wanted the capability to program the PTT to perform other functions. The VIPER II fulfills all these requirements and more.


  • Dual Net Radios: PRC163, PRC148C, TW950, SC4200 compatible
  • Cross Banding Mode
  • Binaural Advance Audio Mode
  • Mirror PTT Switch Mode for left eye dominant users
  • Vehicle ICS: VIC III & TOC-NET compatible
  • Helo ICS: High Impedance, Low Impedance and Fix Wing compatible
  • Belt Packs: Telephonics, David Clark and Jupiter Avionics compatible
  • Masks: O2 Masks, Avon and Scott Safety compatible
  • Chat Program: ES Chat and Wave Relay compatible
  • Immersion rating: IP67 and IP68 (10 meters/10 hours) versions available


2.79″ L x 2.68″ W x 1.23″ H


Products are available for DOD, Federal, State and Local Government Agency ordering.
ADS cannot quote or fulfill personal orders.

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