Atlantic Signal – Tactical Medic Intercom System (TM-ICS)

Atlantic Signal

Atlantic Signal's TM-ICS was developed at the request of a U.S. Army Special Operations MSG in charge of CDD Medical Products who requested a communications device for two Medics or Docs to communicate with each other while in aircraft, ground vehicles and for the relay/exchange of crucial information between helicopter and medical personnel on the ground at Combat Hospitals. The TM-ICS is comprised of a 3.5″ x 2″ x 3/4″ housing weighing less than 8.5 oz and contains circuitry and 2 AA Alkaline batteries coupled with two, heavy duty, cables terminated with NATO wired, 4 conductor, female jacks. The entire package described above fits conveniently into a custom MOLLE holder. The TM-ICS allows the wearer of the system to plug in a Peltor headset or flight helmet, with internal comms set-up, into the TM-ICS while providing the longer extension cable included with the system to a fellow operator to plug into via his Peltor or flight helmet. When both are connected to the TM-ICS, there is an open, duplex line of communication, no push-to-talk mechanism is required – providing both parties hands-free communications. The TM-ICS housing also features a user-controllable, detent-style, volume control – allowing the operators to adjust receive volume depending upon the level of noise in the ambient environment. The TM-ICS also features a ‘low battery' warning tone when battery life reaches 20% and below. Additional extension cables can also be custom built for the TM-ICS.

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Tactical Medic Intercom System (TM-ICS) 100016




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