Atlantic Signal – MH180V AND MH180H HEADSETS

Atlantic Signal

Atlantic Signal's ruggedized MH180 Tactical Bone Conduction Headsets allow an operator to hear through their facial bones rather than their ears – keeping both ears free to hear danger in their ambient environment. The MH180 model is available with a vertical (MH180V) or a horizontal (MH180H) stainless steel frame. Both models feature a waterproof, noise canceling microphone mounted on an articulated boom arm and are IP67 rated for dirt, dust and water ingress. The design of the MH180V allows an operator to position the boom microphone on the left or right side of the face providing ample room for a secure cheek weld with a long gun, while the MH180H model can be ordered with the microphone manufactured and installed on the right or left side.

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Model Item Number
MH180V Headset 100004
MH180H Headset 100007




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