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The world's first and only 20 meter submersible, bone conduction tactical headset system! Atlantic Signal's Amphibious Assault Headset utilize nothing in, on or over either ear, as the operator receives radio communications via the facial bones directly in front of each ear via bone conductors. The MH180V-AA headset features include: both ears are unobstructed – providing critical S/A and D/A capabilities, hearing protection can be added and removed at will, a true 20 meter microphone, ergonomically designed Push-to-Talk housing, and custom headset and radio interface cable lengths. Four head frame lengths are offered to ensure proper fit and an adjustable front/back elastic head strap is included. The MH180V-AA PTT housing and switch were ergonomically designed to allow for ease of location by feel rather than sight, critical in cold weather conditions. The PTT housing body was patterned to fit the human hand, gloved or otherwise, and the positioning of the PTT switch can be easily located, depressed and released with the thumb. The PTT actuation switch requires in excess of 38 lbs. PSI to activate – preventing the possibility of A/D under water pressure depths.

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MH180V-AA Amphibious Assault Headset – Single Mode 100010S
MH180V-AA Amphibious Assault Headset – Dual Mode 100010D




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