Atlantic Signal – GLADIATOR “V” and “H” Model

Atlantic Signal

The GLADIATOR ‘V' and ‘H' models are a hybrid of MH180 horizontal and vertical framed headsets. The integration of U.S. Military approved 4th generation Combat Arms Earplugs allows the operator to engage and disengage hearing pro at will, while having no impact whatsoever on his/her ability to RX and TX. This provides the operator situational and directional awareness in open mode yet protects against dangerous peak noise levels with a filter element that reacts instantaneously to harmful environmental sounds providing increased protection. When properly worn, the earplugs provide up to 23 NRR.

The GLADIATOR headset allows the operator to receive radio communications through his/her facial bones, leaving both ears free to maintain 360 degrees of situational and directional awareness. Custom cable lengths are available along with nearly 20 push-to-talk assemblies, remote switches, remote volume controls and other options to choose from – allowing the individual operator, team, squad, brigade, battalion or regiment to customize their comms system.

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GLADIATOR “V” Headset with Hearing Pro GLD.VLD.47
GLADIATOR “H” Headset with Hearing Pro GLD.HLD.47




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