Atlantic Signal – EOD COMMS SET / MED ENG 9 – XTS/6/10 PIN

Atlantic Signal

Atlantic Signal has developed two different EOD COMMS Solutions – one for the MED ENG 8 suit and one for the MED ENG 9. The first option includes a rectangular box with a centered, shrouded PTT switch mounted on the top – designed to mount to the Velcro patch on the right sleeve of a suit via a Velcro mating base. A cable, with connector, was designed to wind up the sleeve to the suit's wiring harness receptacle. When mounted properly, the two connectors interlock, preventing them from pulling apart during use. A waterproof, noise canceling boom mic connects to the 2. 5mm jack assembly inside the helmet, while the microphone element on the opposite end mounts to the inside front of the helmet. A second option was developed to quickly disconnect the PTT portion of the EOD COMMS system and use it as the PTT for tactical assault vests. The MED ENG 8 solution is the same as the MED ENG 9 solution described above, except there is no boom microphone included. Instead, it has an internal microphone built into the helmet. Neither system is intended for use in close proximity of a suspected explosive.

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EOD Comms Set / Med Eng 8 Suit EOD8-6
EOD Comms Set / Med Eng 9 Suit EOD9-6




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