Atlantic Signal

The Drop & Deploy housing measures a mere 3. 5″ x 3. 5″ x 3. 5″, and is manufactured of blackened, anodized aluminum. The system is powered by four AA Alkaline batteries and features a “beep warning signal” when battery life reaches 20% or less. Recent tests have shown battery life to exceed 40 hours of use. The intercom includes six female Nexus jacks exiting three sides of the intercom housing. These allow up to 6 individuals to connect via headsets outfitted with standard 4 conductor Nexus plugs. While the standard D&D Intercom is designed as a duplex system (up to six people can all speak and receive at the same time), we also offer a Push-to-Talk version that requires the person wanting to speak to press and hold a PTT button while speaking, releasing to listen. Our friends at First-Light graciously allowed us to purchase and utilize their patented magnet mounting systems. Two of them are bolted in place on the bottom of the intercom housing and have 120 lbs. of magnet holding strength – allowing for installation to a magnet friendly surface.

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Drop & Deploy 6 Man Portable Intercom 100020




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