Artemis Bio-Solutions – Defender 2 Minute Disinfecting Wipes

Artemis Bio Solutions

Artemis Defender 2 Minute Disinfecting Wipes are EPA registered and tailored for cleaning and disinfecting of virtually any hard surface. Pre-moistened with a bleach-free, alcohol-free and non-staining formula, these disinfectant wipes are effective against MRSA, VRE, HIV-1 and a wide range of other forms of pathogenic bacteria.

Use Artemis Defender 2 Minute Disinfecting Wipes to clean and disinfect non-porous personal protective safety equipment, protective headgear, hard hats, half mask respirators, full face breathing apparatus, gas masks, goggles, spectacles, face shields, silicone rubber or PVC hearing protectors and vinyl covered ear muffs. Rinse all equipment that comes in prolonged contact with skin before reuse with clean warm water and allow to air dry.


  • USA EPA GOLD SEAL registered product
  • Solvent, Alcohol, Bleach free, sanitizing and disinfecting wipes
  • Kills Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
  • Fast, Effective kills bacteria in just 15 Seconds
  • Cleans, Disinfects & Deodorizes in one step
  • Made with scrubbing fibers yet won’t scratch surfaces


Products are available for DOD, Federal, State and Local Government Agency ordering.
ADS cannot quote or fulfill personal orders.

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