Antenna Research Associates (ARA) – UHF SATCOM Antenna – High Gain

Antenna Research Associates (ARA)

The ARA-3240 and ARA-3240C are high-gain, portable UHF SATCOM antennas. The right-hand circular polarized (RHCP) yagi antennas are designed to operate from 240 – 318 MHz at 200 Watts CW with exceptionally high gain, low VSWR and rapid deployment. Both antennas comply with MIL-STD-810 environmental standard for vibration, shock, temperature, loose cargo and immersion. The ARA-3240 is capable of operating in wind speeds up to 80 MPH and the ARA-3240C is capable of operating in wind speeds of 160 MPH. Both antennas come with a mounting tripod, two 12.5 foot RF cables and a rugged storage bag. The ARA-3240 comes equipped with 2 additional director sets.

  • Optional hard case storage available. Contact ADS for ordering information.
Model Item Number
UHF SATCOM Antenna, High Gain Compact, 11 dBic ARA-3240C
UHF SATCOM Antenna, High Gain, 15 dBic ARA-3240





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