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The SENTINEL corrects the errors of other binocular nightvision systems. Rather than the problematic swingarm interpupilary adjustment commonly used, the SENTINEL’s true horizontal interpupillary adjustments will not weaken as the goggle ages and a fine adjustment that holds the setting in place.

Whereas some forsake key components in favor of lighter weight, the SENTINEL takes a balanced approach and maintains important functionalities like the onboard diopter adjustment so that individual soldiers are not responsible for detachable, and losable, critical components.

The SENTINEL is available with dovetail (PVS-15 style), bayonet (PVS-7B style) and ANVIS mounting solutions. Choose between ANVIS or PVS-14 style optics and automatic or manual gain control.

SENTINELs come as complete systems or kits to upgrade older or broken systems to a higher standard.

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