Hear what Soldier Systems Daily has to say: Eric Graves of SSD reviewed Phokus Research Group's new Wound Cube, which will be showcased in ADS, Inc.'s booth #20415 at SHOT Show. 

Phokus Research Group Wound Cube Product Image on ADS, Inc.
Phokus Research Group Wound Channel Shown On Wound Cube
Phokus Research Group Wound Cube ADS, Inc.

Phokus Research Group’s Wound Cube is a simple, inexpensive, medical training device created to teach students how to control bleeding.

In particular, they can pack wounds with gauze. This four-inch cube is made from semi-transparent, non-toxic silicone, which integrates a large laceration and multiple wound channels.

One of the wound channels can also be used as a slot for a flashlight. This feature allows the instructor to illuminate the wound from the inside so that the student’s actions can be more easily evaluated through the semi-transparent material.

At 2.5 pounds, material replicates tissue density. Although it’s a dry training device, the Wound Cube can also be used with blood stimulant.

It's likely to be used by training centers as well as at the unit level, with one per team or platoon, depending on the type of organization. Due to its low cost, Wound Cube could also be used by private trainees who can’t necessarily afford a full prosthetic training aid.

Watch the video to learn more

Phokus Research group took four realistic wound patterns and designed them into a semi-transparent cube.

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ADS (booth 20415) will showcase the new Wound Cube at  SHOT Show 2018 from January 23-26 in Las Vegas.

For more information on how to purchase the Phokus research Group Wound Cube, contact your knowledgeable ADS Representative through the following form or call 866.845.3012.
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