Phokus Research Group is excited to launch two new products at the SHOT Show Las Vegas 2020 event—a waterproof option for its behind the plate and pocket trauma kits, as well as the second-generation Wound Cube™ simulator with five new wound patterns.

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For more than a decade, Phokus has manufactured innovative medical kits and wound simulation training devices. Through the use of their individual first aid systems (IFAS), Warfighters always have lifesaving medical gear on them, regardless of their uniform.

Users have been requesting a waterproof version so they can take it into any environment. Now, with the addition of the patented TRU Zip zipper, Phokus Research Group’s trauma kits are waterproof.

Both behind the plate split kit and pocket kits are tested dust proof and waterproof to IP67, meaning they can withstand immersion in water one meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

Engineered to be undetectable to the wearer, the Extreme bladder shares the benefits from previous Phokus product lines, including total protection from water, dust and sand. It also gives the user full accessibility to the inside compartments in order to update contents or replace expired ones, meaning Warfighters can keep one kit throughout their entire career.

The Deployment Trauma Kit-2

The plate-shaped bladder with dual patented TRU Zip waterproof zippers provides separate chambers and a middle seam to keep all contents in place. At just and 0.75″ thick, the Phokus Deployment Trauma Kit 2 fits comfortably and securely behind ballistic plates or concealable armor. Undetectable to the wearer.


  • Combat Gauze
  • Z-Fold Gauze x2
  • Elastic Bandage
  • Occlusive Dressing x2
  • 14G Needle
  • NPA W/ 550
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Casualty Card
  • Safety Pins x2
  • Sharpie
The Wound Cube™ Wound Simulator Gen2

Additionally, the release of the second-generation Wound Cube™ simulator offers users five new, realistic wound patterns in a semi-transparent silicone cube for wet or dry training. The original Wound Cube was designed to increase muscle memory for students learning how to master the basics of stopping the bleed without the mess.

The Gen 2 Wound Cube’s five new wound simulation patterns include:

  • Deep Laceration
  • Gouge
  • Exit Wound
  • Flat Wound
  • Large Bore

The cube design provides more effective training in any classroom setting, including the ability for a flashlight to be inserted in a wound channel to allow illumination of the wound from the inside.

Read Eric Graves of Soldier Systems Daily’s review of the first-generation wound cube.

SHOT Show 2020
See the Wound Cube at SHOT Show Booth #20415

ADS provides the best equipment, procurement and logistics solutions and is excited to have Phokus Research Group showcasing these advanced solutions at our booth at SHOT Show 2020. See and experience both products in person at ADS, Inc. booth #20415.

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